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Odisha CT Previous Year Question Papers: PDF Download past 7 Years Solved Papers & Answer Key for Free

Odisha CT Previous Year Question Papers: PDF Download past 7 Years Solved Papers & Answer Key for Free

Odisha CT Exam Previous Year Question PDF: Check out the last 7 years here See the previous year question papers for free on Odisha CT Paper 1’s answer key and Paper 2’s PDF download format for free. Practice these Odisha CT papers from the previous year now and start practicing to crack the Odisha Teacher Eligibility Test.
Odisha CT Pre-Year Papers PDF Download: The Odisha Government will soon test Odisha CT 2020 offline to determine the eligibility of candidates for appointment as Class 1 to 8 teachers in public or private schools in India. Odisha CT examinations will be held in two sessions for Paper 1 and Paper 2 CTET Paper I Class 1 to 5 Teachers and Odisha CT 2020 Paper-II Class 6 to 8 Teachers Candidates need to pass the exam with the minimum qualification mark to get the Odisha CT qualification certificate and apply for the teaching job.

Odisha CT Previous Year Question Papers Details 

Name of the State Odisha Government
About Odisha CT Sample Paper 2020
Category Odisha CT Entrance Exam Model Questions Papers
Availability Odisha CT 2020 Practice Papers, Odisha CT Mock Tests CT Practice Papers
Name of Exam Odisha CT 2020 Questions Paper 
Website www.samsodisha.gov.in/

Odisha CT 2020 Exam Updates

To qualify for the Odisha CT September 2020 exam, candidates need to develop a smart strategy to prepare for the exam with the previous 7 years of Odisha CT previous year paper practice. Questionnaires of the previous year become the best practice solution to improve time management, accuracy, and direction on important topics and topics. In this article, we have shared a completely resolved Odisha CT previous year paper with the answer to the December 2019 exam with the Odisha CT previous year question paper in PDF download format. Download and practice now the PDF files of the previous year papers of the Odisha Teacher Eligibility Test (Odisha CT 2020).
Odisha City exam sample papers and question papers are great sources for good preparation for exams Not only do they give you a clear idea of ​​the key issues that have been going on for years but it also informs you about the Odisha City Exam Pattern. More than 40 practice papers are provided below
Odisha City exam sample documents should be used effectively, the applicants have to solve the question paper according to the specific examination pattern. During practice, candidates must try to resolve the Odisha CT question paper within the stipulated time frame. This will help hopefuls increase their time management skills Check out the Odisha CT 2020 exam pattern

Odisha CT Examination Paper

After solving the sample paper, the hopefuls can match their answer with the solution given below in the practice paper to calculate their possible score. Once the score is calculated, the applicants can analyze their level of preparation and work in the weak section. Check the recommended books for the Odisha CT 2020 exam

Odisha CT Exam Previous Year Questions Papers PDF Download 

Odisha CT Question 2019/18/17/16 15/14 PDF with Odia and English with Answer Key: Odisha CT 2020 will be held soon. Most students were looking for papers from the previous year to get an idea of ​​the pattern structure, levels, and questions from the various topics asked in the exam. Thus, we have collected PDFs of previous years in Odia and English for 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 exams for the preparation of the upcoming exams. As the Odisha CT 2020 exam draws to a close, it is time to start preparing and practicing the previous year’s question paper. The Odisha CT 2020 test pattern should be known before practicing the question paper
Download the previous year’s free Odisha CT exam questionnaire from the link below:

» 06 June -2019 Batch 1  Download 
» 06 June -2019 Batch 2 Download 
» 07 June -2019 Batch 1 Download 
» 07 June -2019 Batch 2 Download 
» 07 June -2019 Batch 3 Download 
» 07 June -2019 Batch 4 Download 
» 08 June -2019 Batch 1 Download 
» 08 June -2019 Batch 2 Download 
» 08 June -2019 Batch 3 Download 
» 10 June -2019 Batch 1 Download 
» 10 June -2019 Batch 2 Download 
» 10 June -2019 Batch 3 Download 
» 11 June -2019 Batch 1 Download 
» 11 June -2019 Batch 2 Download 
» 11 June -2019 Batch 3 Download 
» 12 June -2019 Batch 1 Download 
» 12 June -2019 Batch 2 Download 
» 12 June -2019 Batch 3 Download 
» 12 June -2019 Batch 4 Download 
» 10 Agust -2018 Batch 1 Download 
» 10 Agust -2018 Batch 2 Download 
» 11 Agust -2018 Batch 1 Download 
» 11 Agust -2018 Batch 2 Download 
» 11 Agust -2018 Batch 3 Download 
» 11 Agust -2018 Batch 4 Download 
» 12 Agust -2018 Batch 1 Download 
» 12 Agust -2018 Batch 2 Download 
» 12 Agust -2018 Batch 3 Download 
» 12 Agust-2018 Batch 4 Download 
» 13 Agust-2018 Batch 3 Download 
» 13 Agust-2018 Batch 4 Download 
» 14 Agust-2018 Batch 2 Download 
» 14 Agust-2018 Batch 3 Download 
» Odisha CT 2017 Questions Paper Download 
» Odisha CT 2016 Questions Paper Download
Download Ans Key
» Odisha CT 2015 Questions Paper Download
Download Ans Key
» Odisha CT 2014 Questions Paper


Odisha CT previous year question papers

Benefits of practicing Odisha CT previous year question papers

Odisha CT There are many benefits to solving previous year question papers. We have listed the benefits for you below:

  • Help to understand the exact exam pattern of the ODISHA CT 2020 exam
  • Know the difficulty level of the questions
  • Know the topic-wise distribution of the question
  • Know the section-wise distribution of questions
  • Clearing the Odisha CT exam will make you eligible for the latest government teacher jobs, so make sure that you use the right strategies and the right books for CT for exam preparation.

Odisha CT Syllabus and Exam Pattern

In order to qualify Odisha CT, candidates need to know about the Odisha CT syllabus and exam pattern in advance. Before starting the preparation for Odisha CT, it is advisable to go through the detailed syllabus for Odisha CT Paper-I, it has five subjects – English Language, Odia Language, Child Development and Pedagogy, Environmental Studies, and mathematics. Odisha CT Paper-II- Social Studies, Science, English Language, Hindi Language, Child Development and Pedagogy, Environmental Studies, and Mathematics. Knowing the exam pattern helps us become familiar with the nature and standard of the questions asked.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Odisha CT previous year question papers

Question 1: What is the difficulty level of Odisha CT paper I & II?

Answer 1: Odisha CT paper I and II difficulty level is moderate to easy. The questions in CT paper I will be based on the topics prescribed in the syllabus of NCERT for classes I – V, but their difficulty level may be up to the secondary stage. For Odisha CT Paper-II- Mathematics and Science and Social Studies / Social Sciences will focus on concepts, problem-solving abilities, and educational understanding and applications of subjects. The questions set by NCERT for classes of VI-VLL will be distributed among the various divisions of the syllabus of that subject.

Question 2: – Is there any negative marking in the Odisha CT exam?

Answer 2: – Yes Odisha CT has negative marking. It is advisable for the candidates to attempt all the questions to get above the average mark.

Question 3: – What is the validity period of Odisha’s CT certificate?

Answer 3: – The validity of Odisha’s CT certificate is 5 years.

Question 4: – What are the nature and standard of questions asked in Odisha CT?

Answer 4: – The nature and standard of questions in Odisha CT are related to the material studied for example: – Child Development and Pedagogy will focus on educational psychology of teaching and learning relevant to the age group of 6-11 years. More focus will be on understanding the characteristics and needs of different learners, interaction with learners, and the qualities and qualities of a good learning facility. Mathematics and Environmental Studies will focus on the subject concepts, problem-solving abilities, and academic understanding and applications set by NCERT for Classes I-V.

Download Here Odisha Science and Arts All Previous questions paper PDF HERE 

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