Daily Current Affairs MCQ PDF 2020 DOWNLOAD PDF

Daily Current Affairs MCQ PDF 2020 DOWNLOAD PDF

Q. Narendra Modi will inaugurate 107th Indian Science Congress
A. Bengaluru
B. Chennai
C. Mumbai
D. Lucknow
Ans- A
Q. To invest $ 1 bn in India in the following 5 years Towards technological development?
A. Visa
B. American Express
C. MasterCard
D. Capital One
Ans- C
Q. What amount has been released by the GOI for the ‘Gandhi Encyclopedia’ to promote proper Gandhian philosophy?
A. 4.1 crores
B. 2.95 Crore
C. 6.8 Cr
D. 15.9 Crore
Ans- B
Q. Who among the following won the Vogue Award for Sportsperson Year 2019?
A. PV Indus
B. MC Mary Kom
C. Duti Chand
D. Hema Das
Ans- C
Q. According to the latest UN report, which country is the largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2019?
A. India
B. China
C. United States
D. Singapore
Ans- C
Q. Which of the following countries was elected as the head of the UNESCO Education Commission?
A. Pakistan
B. India
D. Russia
Ans- A
Q. Which Indian actor was awarded the Crystal Award World Economic Forum?
A. Priyanka Chopra
B. Deepika Padukone
C. Kareena Kapoor
D. Anushka Sharma
Ans- B
Q. Who won the 2019 ICC Cricketer of the Year Award?
A Virat Kohli
B Ben Stokes
C. Rohit Sharma
D. Pat Cummins
Ans- B
Q. Who has been appointed as the Managing Director of the State Bank of India?
a. Ashwini Bhatia
B. Rajneesh Kumar
C. Sanjeev Chadha
D. Arundhati Bhattacharya
Ans- A
Q. Recently who has been appointed as the Chairman of National Medical Commission?
A. Arjun Munda
B. Faggan Singh Kulaste
C. Suresh Chandra Sharma
D. Hrushikesh Mahapatra
Ans- C
Q. Who is elected as the President of Croatia?
a. Kolinda Grabberketerovic
B. Zoran Milanovic
C. Russian Planakovic
D. Gordon Jandrokovic
Ans- B
Q. Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of APEC?
A. Ramesh Krishnamurthy
B. Sanjeev Aggarwal
C. A Sakthivel
D. Muheedin Yasin
Ans- D
Q.. Who is the author of ‘Hope and Soul Birds’?
A. Ashwin Sanghi
B. Rohinton Mistry
C. Jasbinder Bilan
D. Shashi Tharoor
Ans- C
Q. Where was the Children’s Innovation Festival (CIF) held?
A. Hyderabad, Telangana
B. Bengaluru, Karnataka
C. Gandhinagar, Gujarat
D. Mumbai, Maharashtra
Ans- C
Q.. Which of the following waterfalls is the highest in India?
[A] Jog Falls
[B] Hudru Falls
[C] Kunchikal Falls
[D] Meenmutty Falls
Ans- C
Q. Kal Baisakhi ‘gives rain at which of the following places?
[A] Rajasthan
[B] West Bengal
[C] Karnataka
[D] Maharashtra
Ans- B
Q. Which of the following types of soil is commonly known as ‘self-mulberry soil’?
[A] Black soil
[B] brown soil
[C] red clay
[D] gray clay
Ans- A
Q. Elimination of topsoil is known as soil erosion?
[A] street erosion
[B] sheet corrosion
[C] rill corrosion
[D] None of the above
Ans- B
Q. Tech and sail are products of which of the following types of the forest?
[A] Alpine Forest
[B] tropical thorn forest
[C] Tropical Evergreen Forest
[D] tropical dry deciduous forest
Ans- D
Q. According to the National Forest Policy of 1952, what percentage of the geographical area should be under forest cover?
[A] 33%
[B] 25%
[C] 1]%
[D] 13%
Ans- A

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