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Daily Current Affairs Dose PDF
Posted on: 14, August 2020

Daily Current Affairs Dose PDF

1. On which date is the parents’ global day celebrated? Appreciate parental and parental figures for everything What to do for your children?
A. 25 May
B. 28 May
C. 1 June
D. 29 May
E. 31 May
Answer: C
The Global Day of Parents is observed every year on 1 June. The day provides a special opportunity for parents and parents to appreciate the data that they do for their children. The Global Day of Parents is celebrated for what parents do for their children and make selfless commitments and lifelong sacrifices towards this relationship. Theme of the 2020 Global Day of Parents: “Appreciate all parents worldwide”. This theme is an endorsement of parents’ struggles and sacrifices towards their children around the world.
2. Central Government announced _________. Interest subvention of crores for small business and cottage Industries under Mudra Shishu Loan.
A. 1300
B. 1500
C. 1000
D. 1200
E. 800
Answer: B
The Center has taken several steps so that shopkeepers do not COVID-19 suffers due to epidemic. The government has Told shopkeepers not to worry about restarting stores Handcarts as unlock 1.0. The government has vowed to make Atma Nirbhaar Bharat. 1500 crore interest assistance has been announced for Mudra Shishu loan for small business and cottage industries. Under this scheme, one lakh beneficiaries can Get an interesting benefit of 2 percent for one year. A package of Rs 5000 crore was announced for roadside hawkers. Under this, 50 lakh street vendors can take loans up to Rs 10,000. Street vendors can contact anyone Nationalized bank to avail.
3. Name the video blogging competition launched by PM Modi in Mann Ki Baat.
A. Yoga life
B my yoga
C. Just sum
D. 5 min total
E. Jeevan yoga
Answer: E
Prime Minister Narendra Modi called upon one and all to participate in “Mera Jeevan – Mera Yoga” (also known as Jeevan) yoga. The video blogging competition, under the joint effort of the Ministry of AYUSH and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), focuses on the transformational impact of yoga on the lives of individuals in their state of mind weight competition during their monthly, and sixth on 21 June 2020 International Yoga Day (IDY) comes as one of the observational activities. The contest goes live on social media handles AYUSH MINISTRY IDY’s comments over the years have been marked by thousands of harmonious mass demonstrations of yoga. In public places. Due to the infectious nature of COVID19, no mass gathering will be appropriate this year. Therefore, this year the ministry is encouraging people to practice yoga in their homes with the participation of the whole family. Through My Life – My Yoga Video Blogging Competition,
The Ministry of AYUSH and ICCR try to raise awareness about Yoga and motivate people to prepare and become active participants in the observation of IDR 2020.
4. Which organization has launched ‘COVID-19 Technology Access Pool’ for equal access to LifeWising Tech?
A. Medicine Mobile
C. Red Cross
D. Sans-frontiers
E. Partner in health
Answer: B
WHO launched V COVID-19 Technology Access Pool ‘on 30 May. This comes after at least 37 countries jointly appealed to the World Health Organization for common ownership of vaccines, drugs and other diagnostic devices to combat the global health crisis. While the total number of COVID-19 cases worldwide now exceeds 5.9 million, these countries seek collective ownership of the COVID-19 treatment because patent laws can act as a barrier to significant supply sharing amid outbreaks . The report says the call has been praised by Doctors Without Borders, but a pharmaceutical industry coalition has expressed skepticism about the pool’s ability to expand access to COVID-19 treatments, according to the report. Meanwhile, as the COVID-19 transition continues, more than 100 vaccines are in various development stages, but none have yet been approved for mass production. 37 countries originally proposed resource pooling in March, aiming to provide a single stop for all scientific data about the epidemic and its treatment as now at least 364,357 people have died worldwide. .
5. UNSC has extended arms stock to which country till May 2021?
A. Morocco
B. Tanzania
C. South Sudan
D of North Korea
E. Iran
Answer: C
The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has resolved to extend travel restrictions and financial sanctions to an arms captive and target individuals in South Sudan by May next year. The United States-draft document received 12 votes in favor of Russia, China and South Africa. The proposal welcomed “encouraging development in South Sudan’s peace process”, including the beginning of the formation of a transitional government. But it expressed deep concern over the ongoing war in the South
Sudan “and denounced breach of peace agreement and termination of hostilities. The resolution extended the arms embargo and targeted sanctions to May 31, 2021, but authorized a mid-term review of the measures by December 15, 2020. UK-based rights The group called on UNSC and UN member states to implement it.
6. Who is the head of the restructured advisory committee on service providers to provide professional assistance on regulation and development of service providers dealt with by IBBI?
a. Sameer Sharma
B. Sri Krishna Kulkarni
C. Bimal patel
D. Chinna Rajendran
E. Mohandas Pai
Answer: E
The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) has restructured its Advisory Committee on Service Providers and is now headed by T. Manipal Global Education Services Chairman. V. Mohandas Pai will do it. The 12-member panel will, according to an order, advise providing professional assistance on the regulation and development of service providers dealt with by IBBI.
Bharti Infratel Chairman Akhil Gupta, Director General of Raksha Shakti University Bimal N. Patel, CSB Bank MD and CEO Chinna Veerappan Rajendran, former SEBI ED J Ranganayakulu, former PRO of Deloitte India Dr. Ramesh and Sameer Sharma, DG and CEO of the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs. Members